Unique Card-Driven Rules


Dark uses regular poker decks, one per thief, to change the role of randomness in play.

Cards work the way we sometimes imagine that dice do. As a player, you know your deck holds the high cards you need. Don’t hope that you roll well; know that your best cards are waiting for you. Play your hand carefully and you can have just the right card at just the right time.

Dark’s simple deck-building system makes your thief’s deck, and thus their combination of Abilities, distinctly theirs. At the beginning, your thief’s deck holds only a few cards. Over time, unlock additional cards by spending experience points. Along the way, assign Abilities to your face cards as your thief learns them. Your thief can vanish from sight, perform an astonishing dodge, and use mystic powers to confound opponents!

Bonus effects let you enhance your successes by spending extra cards—especially those that are taking up space in-hand at the time. Whether to play a card for face value or as a bonus effect is an ever-present decision in play. In the right hands, no cards are truly “bad” cards.

Well, almost. Each player’s deck includes two Jokers from the outset. They’re tricky. They work against you most of the time. How and when to put a Joker to use as a bonus effect? That’s for you to decide.