Vivid Narrative Environments


Stealth play calls for compelling and captivating environments to explore—places for sneaks to trespass, places worth the risk of infiltrating. Dark mixes game rules and descriptive features to depict fascinating spaces and the characters who dwell there.

Whether your thief is prowling in a posh mansion after dark or skulking around a hidden fortress, they are trespassing where they’re not meant to be. They are meddling in the affairs of others, from the idle guard rehearsing how he’ll propose marriage to the alchemist working late to replicate healing elixirs. When you try to break a spell on a treasure chest, you’re up against the wizard who wove that spell—even if they’re long dead.

Places shape people as people shape places.

Most Dark adventures are about the interactions of people and places, about exploring incredible environments and the narratives that emerge from those places. As a game of stealthy trespassers, play involves a bit of detective work, sussing out the overlapping narratives woven into a space, because the thieves you play are interlopers. They usually can’t ask for directions. Instead, they glean details from reading the environment and eavesdropping on inhabitants.

To reward stealthy style, adventures feature lore to hear and read as your thief sneaks around. That way, you can listen in on a fantastical world that doesn’t know you’re there. See what a fantasy world is like when it thinks you aren’t looking.

Your thief’s skills help you learn more information about the game world and the places you go by tapping into your thief’s aptitudes, education, and more.

Skills also reflect your thief’s network of accomplices and associates, which help you turn stolen goods into money and experience points. A burglar who knows things about art and culture also knows what art is worth stealing—and who’s buying.

Thus your thief connects to a larger game world (and criminal underworld) through their exploits and schemes. From the loftiest knights to the lowliest gravediggers, choices and consequences branch out and shake up the tales of strangers and kin alike. Between adventures, the House plays the part of the Inspectors on the trail of cutpurses and housebreakers. The city is a riotous ongoing collision of lives, ambitions, and stories. Can your thief trust their associates to protect them from the enemies they all make along the way?

Life on the banks of the Saturnine is always pushing and pulling. Giving … and taking.