Project: Dark



stealth adventure roleplaying for 2–5 players

You are invited to a tabletop roleplaying game of stealth and thievery. The first of our game worlds—simply called Dark—presents the fantastical City on the Saturnine. You play a thief, perhaps with accomplices, in a realm lorded over by rich nobles, embattled royals, and scheming spies. It is a time reminiscent of Elizabethan England, in an imaginary city rife with opportunities for adventure and intrigue. In a word: dangerous.

Best to stay out of sight. You are outnumbered and outmatched by the hired guards of the lofty ruling houses. If they find you, they shall put you to the sword.

Stealth is your edge. Thievery is your trade. Whether it is a means or an end—a path or the purpose—is up to you.

Over time, the game expands to present numerous worlds and campaign settings supporting stealth adventure roleplaying in different genres with a common set of rules. Altogether these worlds comprise Project: Dark.



In the tradition of great tabletop roleplaying games, Dark combines your imagination with a language of play to evoke a world that changes with your choices. This original game system focuses on stealth adventures and descriptive play to help you imagine remarkable tales.

Example of the game in play.

Example of the game in play.

Richly Descriptive Gameplay

In Dark, how you accomplish things matters as much as what you can accomplish. And the game is custom built to support two-player adventures with one player as the thief and the other as the House (or Game Master).

Art by Shel Kahn.

Art by Shel Kahn.

Unique Card-Driven Rules

Dark uses regular playing-card decks, one per thief, to change the role of randomness in play. Staying hidden isn’t just a matter of chance. Play your hand carefully and you can have just the right card at just the right time.

Art by Jeff Holt.

Art by Jeff Holt.

vivid narrative environments

Stealth play calls for compelling environments to explore—places to trespass, places worth the risk of infiltrating. Dark mixes game rules and descriptive features to depict fascinating places and the characters who dwell there.



Ye scounds and housebreakers…

In Dark, you play fantastic thieves in a fantastical city. Are you stealing from the rich to give to the poor? Do you aim to drain the swollen coffers of the nobility—or are you out to join their ranks? Are you seeking wealth, revolt, or the fame of the underworld?

You decide.

Amass a fortune in gold and experience points to train your thief and become the best this fabled city has ever seen. Gather forbidden secrets and forge yourself a new future amongst the monied and the mighty. Shake the foundations of society, uncover arcane lore, dodge deadly blades, and capture coveted treasures.

Play one of our ready-made thieves, customize one of our remix-ready characters, or create one of your own from scratch with Backstory methods. The adventure is yours.



Sly Burglar



Bandit Queen



Brilliant Witch



Cunning Con


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Kith above coin live to steal another night.
— Old Thief's Saying